Acne Scarring pack
Acne Scarring pack
Acne Scarring pack
Acne Scarring pack
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Acne Scarring pack

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Bk Rejuvenation Serum - Biologi is the perfect topical form of Vitamin C to help regulate the synthesis of collagen.

Miracle Collagen -  Imbibe supplies our fibroblasts with amino acids to help produce collagen.

Derma Roller - Micro Glow .3mm The perfect home care device to use weekly. This will help to ignite collagen production in the skin.


Bk Rejuvenation Eye Serum - Biologi



Rejuvenating serum containing high levels of vitamin C to diminish fine lines, pigmentation and redness. Can also be used on the face and body.


Bk serum contains high levels of vitamin C to diminish fine lines and firm delicate skin.

Primarily designed as an eye serum, Bk serum can also be used as a full-face serum for anyone concerned with anti-ageing, pigmentation or redness.

Ingredients: Kakadu Plum, 0.2% Sodium Benzoate



  • Anti-ageing

  • Hydration

  • Reduce skin blemishes and redness

  • Anti-oxidant protection from damaging free radicals



  • Cleanse thoroughly and dab ½ a pump around the eye area after cleansing

  • To use as a full-face serum, apply one pump to the whole face and neck area after cleansing

  • Week one: apply every second night

  • Week two: apply every night

  • Ongoing: Use daily both morning and night


Miracle Collagen - Imbibe

For radiant skin-glow and strong healthy hair and nails.


Add 2.5g (approx 2 teaspoons) to any hot or cold drink and drink daily. Can be added to hot drinks and will not lose potency. Fully dissolvable in hot or cold liquids and tasteless and odourless. Store under 30° C in a dry area.

From our early 20’s, our collagen production declines which is why we lose skin-bounce and luminosity.

Supplementing with our clinically-evaluated Miracle Collagen is shown to counter these early signs of aging to restore the look of juicy, hydrated skin.

Our Next - Generation collagen peptides is clinically shown to stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen so you have the bounciest, smoothest, most radiant-looking skin.

100% bio-active. 100% bio-available. 100% potent.

We don’t just get any sub-par collagen and throw it in a jar with a fancy label.

We’re not like that.

You deserve better.  


Derma Roller - Micro Glow 0.3mm

Get the glow you’re after with this simple skin needling tool that will rejuvenate and refresh your skin’s appearance without fillers or chemicals.

With 540 titanium grade micro needles, this sleek skin roller promotes circulation, encourages natural exfoliation, and softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Targets - fine lines, wrinkles, aging, dehydration, congestion, uneven skin tone and texture. 

*Do not Dermal Roll on active acne, clean roller after each use by running under hot water.